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  • CKIC manufacture center
  • CKIC manufacture center


    CKIC is the global leader in the manufacture of mechanical samplers, sample preparation equipment and analytical instruments for various applications. Established in1992, CKIC has grown to a highly successful public enterprise listed on the Chinese Stock Exchange with over 800 employees worldwide.

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    • Trusted Partner in Decade - CKIC provide continuous support to PT. GH EMM INDONESIA in Indonesia | CKIC


      Trusted Partner in Decade - CKIC provide continuous support to PT. GH EMM INDONESIA in Indonesia
      PT. GH EMM INDONESIA is an Independent Power Produce (IPP) project, consist of Coal-Fired power plant and Coal Mine. The project located in Simpang Belimbing, Muara Enim-South Sumatera with 2×150MW power generation capacity. In 2011,CKIC won the bid and offered the full set of analysis equipment of chemical laboratory. Two units were put into operation in July 6th and November 3rd, 2011 respectively, both of which reached design requirements and achieved excellent performance. Up to now, the equipment provided by CKIC has run for 8 years. During this period, as a leading manufacturer and tu
    • Emergency Announcements: Payment Declaration of CKIC


      Emergency Announcements: Payment Declaration of CKIC
      Dear Sirs, To guarantee legitimate rights and interests of both parties, CKIC would like to inform you:Be sure to execute transactions strictly according to the bank information provided by us below.Do NOT trust any change notifications including changes of either bank name or bank account. The official bank information of CKIC is as follow: Bank Name: The Agricultural Bank of China Hunan Province Branch Changsha County Subbranch Bank Address: Zhengxiang Road, Changsha Economic & Technological Development Zone,Changsha, P. R. China SWIFT CODE: ABOCCNBJ180 Account Number: 180309140400
    • CKIC Official Spanish Website Launched | CKIC


      CKIC Official Spanish Website Launched
      CKIC has been focusing on network marketing, the official Spanish website of CKIC ( is officially launched in February. Visitors can click on "Language" then choose the "español" to enter it from the top-right corner. In order to further implement of "Internet +" development strategy proposed by the Chairman, CKIC planned to build the Spanish website. The Spanish website is another international business card of CKIC, which plays the role of an important platform for the international exchanges and co-operation. Meanwhile, it will be easier to know our

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