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  • CKIC 5E-MAT6550 Automatic Total Moisture Analysis System

5E-MAT6550 Automatic Total Moisture Analysis System Pre-sale

5E-MAT6550 Automatic Total Moisture Analysis System is used to determine the total moisture in coal, coke, biomass and other solid substance, which combines multiple functions (sample loading, division, paving, drying, rejection, and data output) an integrated system. It can be placed right beside sampler, initiating real time testing. Therefore, it can increase enterprise benefit effectively.

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Features:High Accuracy and Efficiency
1. Fully Auto- sampling, division, sample paving, weighing, drying, data analysis, sample rejection with unattended operation.
2. Clean the sample trays and collect the rejected samples after the analysis automatically.
3. Realize real-time data collection with network.

Good Environment Adaptability 
1. Test 20 samples simultaneously. Sample can be tested continuously and dried separately timed.
2. Conform with G B/T211-2007.
3. Analyze large quantity samples (13mm sample 500g, 6mm sample 150g) to make it more representative and ensure accurate results.

Model 5E-MAT6550 Automatic Total Moisture Analysis System
Particle Size 6mm 13mm
Weight About 130g About 500g
Feeding Weight ≥1.25kg ≥3kg
Sample Quantity 20 samples per batch (adding samples continuously)
Testing Time 90-120mins
Testing Temp. 105-110
Temp. Fluctuation ±1
Environment Temp. -20 - 40
*Concurrently test duplicate samples. Feed total moisture sample in laboratory or butt joint with sampler.