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  • MA27 Series Automatic Moisture and Ash Analyzer

MA27 Series Automatic Moisture and Ash AnalyzerNEW!

MA27 Series Automatic Moisture and Ash Analyzer is used to analyse moisture, ash and volatile matter automatically in solid samples, such as mineral, food, medicine, polymer and so on.

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Small in size and big in capacity
For MA2735 sample mass range is 0-5g while the range of MA2715 is 0-30g. MA2735 can be applied to test a variety of samples.

Easy operation
1. The sample loader of a proper height and large touch screen make operation easier and more convenient.
2. Equipped with additional functions such as Restoration after Power Failure, Data Analysis, Weight Range Determination and Problem Diagnosis.

High automation and efficiency1. After loading, the procedure will carry on as required to control temperature change, weigh sample, calculate constant weight and test result. Operator can walk away and control more than one equipment simultaneously.
2. The cooling module will automatically make temperature drop to improve test efficiency.
3. Analysis time is shortened and energy saved up to 60%. One MA2735 equals 4 muffle furnaces plus 2 drying ovens.

Smart in technology
1. Built-in balance, can weigh samples continuously. Quick and stable weighing with electromagnetic induction positioning technology. External balance is available for option as well.
2. There are 20 stages in temperature control. In each stage, it is allowed to set according to different conditions and special requirements temperature at beginning, temperature rising speed, temperature in the end, gas supplied, gas glow, display and report.

Safe and reliable
It is safer when there is no need for operator to place and take crucible in high temperature. It is more reliable in that the electric heating wire is buried inside furnace wall with two thermocouples to prevent overheating.

Accurate and precise
Avoid human mistakes of traditional method in weighing, transmission and calculation through self-inspection, the analyzer guarantees a more accurate and precise test result.


MA2715 MA2735

Max. Sample Loading


Sample Mass 0-30g 0-5g

Balance Resolution


Temp. Range


Temp. Control Precision ±2℃
Temp. Rise Speed 0-50℃/min
Temp. Control Stage 20

Gas Supplied


Gas Flow


Automatic Cooling


Overheating Protection

Double thermocouples

Power Supply

Single phase, AC220 ±10% , 50/60Hz, ≤6kW

Net Weight