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Do you ever wonder how the “Calorific” “Moisture” "Protein” on your favorite food labels are determined? Actually there are a number of different ways to determine the parameters in food and animal feed. Compared with traditional method, CKIC offers a precise way to determine calorific value, moisture, ash and protein content in food as a package solution.

5E-C5500/C5508 Calorimeter is used to measure the heat created by a food sample burned under an oxygen atmosphere. 5E-TCN2200 Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer adopts the thermal conductivity method (Dumas Combustion Method) to analyze the protein content by determining the nitrogen content in the food.

Parameter Instrument Standards Compliance
Calorific Value 5E-C5500/C5508 Calorimeter ISO 9831
Moisture, Ash 5E-MAC6710 Proximate Analyzer - TGA Widely Applied
Protein 5E-TCN2200 Nitrogen/Protein Analyzer ISO 16634
Mercury 5E-HGT2321 Automatic Mercury Analyzer US/EPA 7473