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CKIC Attended Analytica 2018 in Munich

May.02 Exhibition

26th International Trade Fair for Laboratory Technology, Analysis, Biotechnology and Analytica Conference (Analytica 2018) was held successfully from April 10 to 13,2018 at Messe Munchen, Germany.

Nearly 1200 renowned companies from 45 countries and regions gathered in Analytica 2018, not only to share application and solution of analytical instrument in the field of biochemistry, medical treatment, food and environment, but also to present the latest innovative products and technology.

As one of the leading instrument manufacturer in China, CKIC exhibited 
5E-HGT2321 Automatic Mercury Analyzer and 5E-TCN2210 Nitrogen Analyzer in Analytica 2018. 

Released as the upgraded version of 
5E-HGT2320 which was the first automatic mercury analyzer in China, 5E-HGT2321 is creative with lots of original design, making CKIC ahead of the world in mercury analysis via direct sample feeding. The unique truncation design can remove moisture easily, and is applied to analyze sample of large weight(0.05-0.1g). Integrated High-Temperature Melting Quartz Absorption Cell is able to sweep memory effect thoroughly. Efficient catalyst and oxidizing fillings along with specific atomic hydrazine are used in quick analysis of different types of samples.

Absorbing the design philosophy of 5E-CHN2200 Elemental Analyzer, CKIC created a new protein analyzer 5E-TCN2210 Nitrogen Analyzer, which adopts Dumas method. 5E-TCN2210 is able to feed large weight sample(0.05-1.2g). Thus improve the precision of measurement by automatically interfering combustion and decomposition process, and enlarging the specific surface area of catalyst. The filling material developed by CKIC is able to fulfill efficient catalyzing, oxidizing, and specific element capture. To meet the requirements of complex matrices sample analysis, interference from matrix is eliminated. No chemical reagent is needed in whole analysis process, and 5E-TCN2210 is equipped with tail gas treatment device, making it environmental-friendly.

5E-HGT2321 and 5E-TCN2210 are applied in the field of food, environment, and coal quality, and are well received at home and abroad. At present, these two instrument have been sold in over 10 countries and regions, such as England, Italy, Korea, Australia, Indonesia and so on. 

During Analytica 2018, CKIC team communicate with agents from England and Italy together with researchers worldwide. Overseas agents and experts have given credit for innovation of 
5E-HGT2321 and 5E-TCN2210. Rapid analysis is the new trend of analytical instrument, and CKIC will continue to develop with the aim to achieve it.